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Rare Earth Gallery

A RARITY IN THE DESERT – In Cave Creek, AZ to be Exact.

Arizona is known for many things. Abounding desert landscapes, historic western heritage, world-class golf, superior hospitality and of course our very own Grand Canyon, regarded by many as one of the 10 Wonders of the World. 

The Rare Earth Gallery

However, we also have (and not so far away as the Grand Canyon) another iconic landmark called the Rare Earth Gallery, located just 20 minutes north of Phoenix in Cave Creek, Arizona. The signage outside this exciting gallery shouts …. The 8th Wonder of the World. Cave Creek is also home to an enclave of local artists.

Art From The Treasures of the earth

Rare Earth is unique to the surrounding area. I don’t believe another such gallery exists anywhere in America. Some say it’s the most spectacular gallery in the world. Rare Earth showcases art from the treasures of the earth. Epic, awe inspiring natural art is available like never before. Founder Wayne Helfand’s vision is simply stated; “I travel the world purveying extraordinary art of the Earth … My goal is to make the unattainable, attainable.” 

The works of art on display are magnificent and mesmerizing pieces, any of which are one-of-a-kind works of art from Mother Earth. The assortment of pieces are perfect for your home, office and as landscape decor, providing you a lifetime of natural beauty and elegance. 

Come and Visit!

The gallery has customers (many of which are repeat) from across the United States and around the world. Any item can be shipped anywhere in the world. Come visit the gallery in Cave Creek and see for yourself why these works of art are unique and available only from the Rare Earth Gallery.

Trust me … The trip will not disappoint…

Information: Rare Earth Gallery. 6401 East Cave Creek Road. Cave Creek, AZ. 85331. 480.575.4360. RareEarthGalleryCC.com

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