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We are a proud, Phoenix based tourism marketing company, actively engaged in assisting annual travelers, by promoting the best that Arizona has to offer.

At the Wander Media Group, LLC. (WMG), we believe that in order “To survive, one must also improvise.” As such, we continue to add services/products to support our corporate mission for: “Enhancing the traveler’s overall trip experience, increasing our advertiser’s annual revenues, by delivering their corporate message to the largest possible visitor audience.” In 2022, we expect to reach more than 12 million visitors and travelers.

Today, our focus is for producing upscale, informative and content driven travel lifestyle products for Arizona visitors. We see ourselves as Arizona’s Premier Tourism & Marketing Specialists. WMG comprises WanderAZ Magazines, WanderAZ Visitor Maps, WanderAZDIGITALMEDIA and In the fall of 2021, we will be introducing The Wander PODCAST, a weekly information segment that will have special guests discussing a myriad of interesting topics that will include Arizona and travel. WanderAZ magazines and Visitor Maps remain Arizona’s #1 hotel and resort offerings. Our combined portfolio now reaches 10 million travelers/readers annually. Each of our travel products are designed to inform, educate and assist travelers while visiting with us. WMG travel related products are distributed throughout Arizona’s TOP two travel destinations, Greater Phoenix and Northern Arizona.

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To enhance the overall traveler experience and to drive more of our readers to our advertisers front doors. PERIOD!
We serve two masters – the traveler and our advertisers. Knowing that almost 50% of all annual travelers to Arizona are visiting us for the first time, clearly demonstrates what travelers are really seeking is – a regionalized format, customized local maps, key local information, sports schedules, history and feature stories that will help them better navigate and understand the local landscapes. We are proud to produce premier travel products to support Arizona’s tourism industry.
What we do not advocate is the practice (of other publishers) whose only focus is to publish  travel guides that are simply wall-to-wall advertising  – which in our opinion benefits neither the traveler or the advertiser.


Each product is designed to enhance the travelers overall experience when visiting with us. WanderAZ Magazines are placed in hotel and resort rooms across Greater Phoenix and throughout Northern Arizona. Each issue is read by 2 million for over 8 million annually. Our Visitor Maps are also placed at hotels/resorts, venues, attractions and retailers. is our digital platform that we designed to support our advertisers print campaigns and to further assist travelers to the region. Our travel products were created to INFORM, EDUCATE, and INSPIRE our readers and are guaranteed to drive more travelers + consumers to our advertiser’s front doors – to spend those all-important travel dollars. We are proud to publish “clutter free” publications that showcase our advertisers corporate message while enhancing our readers overall travel experience.

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