We Know Digital Marketing!

We are a different kind of marketing partner for many reasons. Unlike others, our first focus is not on our own bottom line. Our primary focus is on the customer, and the ROI we deliver to them. We know that if we excel in these two areas, then guess what, our bottom line will excel as well. It’s simply how one looks at things that truly matter!


At WanderAZ DIGITAL MEDIA we can combine more than a 100 million data and insights points on your target market. We use intelligent technology. We have a proven expertise to build effective strategies that drive higher results for your business … but just as important, we are fully transparent.


Did we mention we are from Arizona? For the past 20 years our focus has only been on Arizona. Did you know that “No other In-Room travel magazine comes even close to delivering the 8 Million annual readers that WanderAZ magazines do for their advertisers?” Now, we are blending that same reach and readership into our Digital Media platform. Now you have our premier digital partnerships, working together for your success. 


Let’s have a conversation. We know the consumer journey is complex, but as “a trusted digital marketing agency” in Arizona, we can provide you with a “total solution,” smart, actionable digital advertising, coupled with numerous marketing options and long-term strategies.


Our goal with every product innovation is simple: enhance the visitors overall traveler experience when visiting with us. WanderAZ Magazines are placed In-Room at more hotel and resort properties across Greater Phoenix and throughout Northern Arizona. Each issue is read by 2 million, for 8 million annual readers. Our Visitor Maps are placed at many of the same hotels/resorts along with visitor centers, venues, attractions and retailers. is our digital platform we designed to support our advertisers print campaigns, and to be another information resource for travelers to the region. Add in our new interactive website, maps, and we remain Arizona’s #1 resource destination to INFORM, EDUCATE, and INSPIRE annual visitors to Arizona. WanderAZ’s marketing vehicles are proven to drive more travelers + consumers to our advertiser’s front doors to spend those all-important dollars with them!


If you are ready to be a part of our fresh and clutter free travel + lifestyle publications, and to see how real digital marketing strategies can grow your business, we would like to talk with you.  For a free 30-minute strategy session, or audit of your existing social media program, please fill out this short form. This is an incredible offer/value, whether you partner up with us or not.


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