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Arizona tours

Arizona: A Guide to the Grand Canyon State

Across the state you will experience authentic local cuisine, superb wineries, local brew houses, world renowned museums and art galleries, to world-class shopping and dining, superb golfing, historic ruins, western culture and awesome venues and attractions.

You must also visit Arizona Boardwalk, North Scottsdale’s huge and exciting entertainment attraction which is fun for young and old alike, or the entire family. How about a trip to the Wildlife World Zoo & Aquarium one the Valleys major attractions. And when heading north, you must visit the Lowell Observatory (founded in 1894)

What To Do And See In Arizona

Arizonans love what they do, where they live and all the wonderful things in their own backyard. Of course, with so many local spots to visit, activities and attractions to do in Arizona you will always have plenty of things to do and see. Visit www.safariadispatch.com for more information. If your travel time requires travel from the Eastern United States and/or Canada, you’ll want to travel through Phoenix or Flagstaff as opposed to traveling through Tucson, Arizona, the most popular gateway for tourists wanting to visit Arizona.

Arizona is ideally located between the Pacific and Midwest states on one side and the Great Plains on the other. The Indian Territory, or the territory before discovery of the Southwest was mostly Native American.

Arizona’s Attractions

Are wide-ranging and spectacular, for you and your family, personal or business trip. Arizona truly offers a unique and compelling journey.

How To Get Around

Although it is a large state, Arizona has many highly developed thoroughfares that make traveling through the state an easy undertaking. Interstate 17, which starts at the Mexico border, crosses through Phoenix, goes on to Flagstaff, Prescott and Lake Powell before reaching your final destination. Interstate 40 goes through Phoenix, from the Mexico border to Phoenix, however this freeway is often crowded and slow to get on and off. There are also many state highways that connect many areas of the state.

For more information, visit http://www.az511.gov. For international visitors, there is also an airport in Arizona, the Phoenix-Sky Harbor International Airport.

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