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Arizona Biltmore Unveils New McArthurs Dining Concept

Arizona Biltmore resort has opened a new venue in its once-iconic The Grill restaurant.

The new venue is called McArthur’s, named after the resort’s founder, William McArthur.

Named after Arizona Biltmore founder William McArthur (a man who believed in the healing powers of citrus), the McArthurs concept pays homage to the resort’s citrus heritage. The restaurant celebrates Arizona citrus by serving dishes like fresh-squeezed orange juice, and Lemon Verbena-infused Gulf prawns with pink grapefruit and candied pistachios.

The venue’s decor reflects its namesake, too. The walls feature a photo of McArthur picking oranges from an Arizona Biltmore tree in 1933, as well as fun facts about Arizona’s citrus history.

McArthur’s will serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

McArthur’s will serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner daily. You can find a full menu for each mealtime on the Arizona Biltmore website. Reservations are recommended, although guests can also order to go and dine in the comfort of their own room if they prefer.

Should you choose to dine at McArthur’s, you can expect an atmosphere that is at once casual and sophisticated. The dining room features an open kitchen where you can watch your food being prepared as well as a bar area that offers a variety of specialty cocktails.

The menu is made up of local and regional ingredients.

Locally sourced and seasonal ingredients are used to prepare the McArthurs menu, which consists of American comfort foods like a veggie sandwich with house-made pickles and seasoned shoestring fries; short rib meatloaf; chicken pot pie; and fish tacos. The restaurant also offers a selection of steak cuts, including an 8-ounce filet mignon with an optional lobster tail (pictured above).

If you would like to enjoy your meal al fresco, use one of the available tables or lounge chairs scattered throughout the resort’s grounds.

Breakfast plates include omelets, avocado toast, eggs benedict, and Belgian waffles.

Meals at McArthur’s will be a bit lighter, with less-filling options like avocado toast and omelets. Breakfast plates include omelets, avocado toast, eggs benedict, and Belgian waffles. The lunch menu is also compact but diverse—there’s a diverse selection of salads, paninis, and burgers on the menu. For casual diners who want to grab a small bite to eat or a cup of coffee after playing some golf at the Arizona Biltmore Golf Club, McArthur’s will have an expanded pastry selection for quick bites.

Lunch includes options such as salads, sandwiches, and burgers.

Lunch includes options such as:

  • Salads. They’re a healthy and refreshing choice, especially on a hot day.
  • Sandwiches. They make great portable lunches if you’re looking to eat elsewhere.
  • Burgers. A classic option that can be found at fast-food restaurants and gourmet pubs alike.

Dinner includes offerings such as bone-in rib eye, filet mignon, and duck breast.

  • Bone-in Rib Eye ($57)
  • Filet Mignon ($52)
  • Duck Breast ($41)
  • Prime New York Strip ($48)
  • Pork Chop Milanese ($42). Diners can choose from four sides, including pan-roasted Brussels sprouts and Potatoes Lyonnaise.

There are also family-style entrees for sharing.

What’s the key to a great family-style dinner? Sharing. Happily, McArthurs has plenty of options for doing just that. Choose from a wide selection of large plates and appetizers, and don’t be shy about requesting extra plates so everyone can sample everything. No matter what you like to eat (or who you’re dining with), there’s something on the menu for every occasion. Craving something filling? Try the braised short ribs with creamy polenta and vegetables for a hearty wintertime dish, or dig into the pan-seared salmon at a summertime barbecue.

McArthurs is also an excellent choice if your group is large: it’s hard to go wrong with family-style dinners, which are laid out around your table in beautiful dishes (and are perfect if you have picky eaters). With options like chicken wings, salads, and pasta, there’s sure to be something everyone will enjoy—and if anyone claims they’re too full at mealtime, just wait until dessert rolls around!

The bar serves craft cocktails such as the “Rye Not” and “Gimme S’more.”

The bar serves craft cocktails such as the “Rye Not” and “Gimme S’more.” These handcrafted drinks use fresh, in-season ingredients and are mixed by trained bartenders. The phrase “craft cocktail” refers to a drink made with fresh ingredients that are often inspired by traditional cocktails but reimagined using modern techniques.

The Rye Not is made with rye whiskey, organic citrus syrup, organic orange bitters, and topped off with a Luxardo cherry garnish. The Gimme S’more is a classic play on the s’mores theme: vodka, chocolate liquor, marshmallow cream, graham cracker crumble, and a house-made mini-marshmallow garnish.

The Arizona Biltmore has opened a new dining venue and craft cocktail bar

The Arizona Biltmore has opened a new dining venue and craft cocktail bar, McArthur’s. The space features an open-kitchen concept with both indoor and outdoor seating. Guests can enjoy a variety of breakfast items and lunch or dinner options using local, regional ingredients such as bison tartare, smoked salmon, and deviled eggs. Breakfast includes omelets, avocado toast, eggs Benedict, and waffles while lunch offers salads, sandwiches, and burgers. The dinner menu includes Asian fried chicken salad, braised beef shoulder pot roast sandwich with chimichurri sauce, quinoa fritters with romesco sauce, or jumbo lump crab cakes with green papaya slaw.

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