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Arizona’s Tribal Casino’s Giving Back to the Community

Apart from being one of the most popular tourism destinations for travelers world-wide, Arizona also offers travelers (and locals alike), some great casino properties to enjoy. Many of Arizona’s casinos offer world-class hotels, Spa’s, golfing entertainment and fine dining. So whether you are visiting greater Phoenix, Southern or Northern Arizona, you won’t be far away from a great casino to challenge your skills.

Arizona’s Tribal Casinos are major contributors to the State’s Benefit Fund that helps so many others.


Since 2003 when the current Tribal- State Gaming Compact was signed, tribal gaming has contributed almost $ 1.3 billion to the Arizona benefits Fund, which also includes a whopping $ 611 million to the state’s educational system.

So when you visit one of the first class tribal casinos across Arizona, (which now totals 24), be aware that through “your own play,” that a percentage of the casino’s gross revenues go right back into the local community. And in just the first quarter of 2018, tribal contributions have totaled $ 26 million, and year-to- date (fiscal year is June 30) this number now totals $ 94 million. So it seems clear that in 2018 tribal gaming contributions are likely to eclipse the $ 100 million mark.

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