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Drive From Sedona to Flagstaff And See What AZ Has To Offer

Whether you’re looking for a beautiful drive with picture-perfect views or trying to figure out how to get from Sedona to Flagstaff, this scenic drive is just the ticket.

What to Expect on the Drive

If you’re planning a road trip from Sedona to Flagstaff, keep in mind that it will take anywhere from 2-3 hours. The drive is fairly straightforward and easy to navigate, but there are some beautiful stops along the way that will make your trip last longer than expected. You can expect to see gorgeous scenery and other tourists at each stop. Make sure that you have enough gas in your tank before starting out!

Be prepared for traffic jams at this time of year (spring and fall). Even though there aren’t many stops between Sedona and Flagstaff, people flock here during certain seasons for hiking excursions or simply enjoying nature’s splendor. If there are times when traffic is slow-moving or comes to a screeching halt due to road construction, don’t panic—it’s normal for this area!

From Sedona to Flagstaff


From Sedona to Flagstaff, drive route 89A—the scenic route. You’ll pass through Oak Creek Canyon and drive past Jerome in the Verde Valley. Once you reach Sedona, visit a few of its many attractions:

  • The Chapel of the Holy Cross, which boasts one of the most photographed views in Arizona
  • Slide Rock State Park, where you can hike and swim in the creek
  • Tlaquepaque Arts and Crafts Village, where artisans sell their handmade wares on weekends (but there are other shops open year-round)

Once you get past Sedona, head towards Flagstaff. Along this stretch of road:

  • Visit Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument for views of lava flows that occurred more than 1,000 years ago (it’s about a 40-minute drive from Grand Canyon National Park)
  • Check out Walnut Canyon National Monument for petroglyphs dating back thousands of years

What to See Along the Way


  • Red Rock Country is famous for its stunning views and vibrant red rock formations. The city itself has been featured in many movies, including the 1967 James Bond film You Only Live Twice.
  • Oak Creek Canyon is one of the most popular areas for hiking and camping in Arizona. It also offers some great spots for swimming, fishing, boating, and water sports!

Coconino National Forest

  • The Coconino National Forest hosts more than 200 miles of trails with varying levels of difficulty that are open to both hikers and mountain bikers alike; so if you’re into getting out there on foot or two wheels (or four), this is definitely a place worth exploring! And it’s not just about physical activity—the forest also offers plenty of opportunities to learn about local flora and fauna while enjoying all sorts of outdoor activities throughout the year such as mountain biking or cross-country skiing during winter months along with hiking during warmer seasons when temperatures aren’t too extreme yet still provide enough sunshine hours throughout summer months without being too hot either so don’t worry about sweating too much because these days people have found ways around it using technology which makes things easier but even without those tools then who cares? Just get out there!

Scenic highways and byways are a great way to explore Arizona.


Arizona is a state that’s known for its natural beauty. So if you’re wondering what to do in Arizona, it’s easy: drive from Sedona to Flagstaff. The drive is gorgeous and offers a wide variety of scenic views, such as the red rocks of Sedona, the Painted Desert of Northern Arizona, and even a view of the Grand Canyon. You’ll also see a few other fun things along the way:

  • The San Francisco Peaks
  • The Petrified Forest
  • The Painted Desert

If you’re interested in seeing some of the most beautiful scenery that Arizona has to offer, then a drive from Sedona to Flagstaff should be on your list. The trip is a pretty easy one and can be done in just an afternoon or two without feeling rushed. It’s also great because it will take you through some of the best parts of both cities so you don’t miss out on either one!

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