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Jerome State Historic Park

Explore Jerome State Historic Park

This Arizona state park is a dream for nature lovers and history buffs. You can learn about the mining history of Arizona thanks to a guided tour, and of course, you have to stop by the Douglas Mansion where you can learn about one of the most famous mining barons in the entire history of the United States. The mansion dates back to 1916 and was built when Jerome was experiencing a mining rush.

Jerome is less than two hours north of Phoenix. Founded in 1876, this once thriving and reputably immoral mountainside mining community overlooking the Verde Valle, after the mines closed in 1953 and “King Copper” left town, the population went from a peak of 15,000 in the 1920s to a low of 50 people. The Jerome Historical Society guarded the towns buildings against vandalism and the elements. In 1965, the Douglas Mansion became a State Park, and Jerome became a National Historic Landmark in 1976. Now Jerome is known as a haven for artists, writers, musicians and historians. They also boast some great restaurants. Every building in Jerome has a story.


The House of Joy was originally a brothel, then a restaurant, and now an attractive “brothel boutique.” The Haunted Hamburger building used to be a boarding house for miners. Now a popular restaurant, bar and bakery, it boasts of being (what else?) haunted by hammer-thieving ghosts. The Conner Hotel was built in 1898 by David Conner and originally rented rooms at $1 a night, but fell into ruin after years of prosperity. The building is now restored and up to current safety standards, with all rooms beautifully upgraded. Rates are reasonable, but don‘t expect $1 a night. Bring your camera when you visit. Along with everything else it offers, Jerome is a photographers delight!

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