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Canada is reopening its borders with the United States for all persons who have been fully vaccinated. Beginning Monday August 9th, after an agonizing 16 months, citizens and permanent residents of the United States will be allowed to enter Canada providing they have been fully vaccinated for at least 14 days before traveling, federal government officials stated.

It was also reported that 91% of Canadians intend to travel, and Arizona with its restaurants, golf, world-class shopping and unparalleled attractions remains one of their favorite travel destinations. Here is some additional information of interest.


Not everyone has extra money in the bank — but many do. Off the charts savings have been reported by Canadians. Canadians have accumulated “a record amount of money” during the pandemic, resulting from the combined impact of reduced spending and collecting more money from government support programs. In fact, Canadians amassed $212B last year, (2020) versus $18B in 2019, according to Statistics Canada. That works out to $5,574 per Canadian on average in 2020, compared to $479 in the previous year. $212B is a big savings number that will need to be spent or held in savings somewhere.


Glenn Williamson, Honorary Consul of Canada for Arizona, is very upbeat about the states pending windfall from Canadians. Excluding Snowbirds, Arizona received about $1B in 2019 when Canadians made a million trips to Arizona. Williamson believes that number for winter 2022, should jump to 1.5M Canadian visitors, with a spending increase of $500M to $1.5B dollars, which he points out is a fraction of the number in Canadian savings right now. Williamson goes on to say that with some additional math he suspects that of the $212B, about 20% ($42B dollars) this winter, will be spent on traveling by Canadians who have been “bottled up” inside for the past 15 plus months, and are desperate to travel. He further believes that 50% of that number will come to the United States, which equates to $21B dollars, and all Arizona wants is another $500M or 2.5% of that number which would give us a 30% plus jump In Canadian tourism dollars. 

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