The Town of Parker is located within the northern corner of the Colorado River Indian Tribe reservation on a mesa overlooking the Colorado River at an elevation of approximately 450 feet above sea level.

The Town of Parker is within the Sonora Desert located near river bottomland and rugged low desert mountains. The Gibraltar Mountains lie east of the community while the Whipple and Riverside Mountains lie to the north and southwest respectively. The Colorado River Indian Tribe reservation straddles the Colorado River from a point five miles north of Parker to a point 50 miles south and contains over 264,000 acres.

The reservation was established for all Native Americans living along the river by an act of Congress, approved by the President on March 3, 1865.   The Tribes represented on the Reservation are the Mohave, Chemehuevis, Navajos, and Hopi.

The original townsite of Parker was surveyed and laid out in 1908 by William Shrover.  The Town’s name and origin began when a post office was established on January 6, 1871, on the Colorado River Indian reservation to serve the Indian agency.   The post office was named Parker in honor of General Eli Parker who was Commissioner of Indian Affairs when the Colorado River Indian reservation was established by Congress in 1865.

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