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Welcome To Our Great State Of Arizona

On behalf of the Grand Canyon State, WanderAZ magazine extends you a warm and hearty welcome. 

Welcome to Arizona!

Arizona remains a world-class travel destination. In 2019, the state had almost 49 million overnight visitors breaking another record for the 4th consecutive year. Travelers in 2019 spent a whopping $25.6 billion, injecting almost $70 million into the state’s local economy every day of the year. You might also find it interesting that roughly 48% of all annual travelers to Arizona, are visiting with us for the first time.

The immense value of the annual tourism dollar is far reaching and impacts all Arizona households. We welcome visitors from around the world, however, the largest foreign entity to visit Arizona every year are Canadians. On average, 1 million Canadians visit with us, with Canadians owning approximately 22,000 homes across the Valley of the Sun. Two huge reasons for such a large Canadian footprint in our state comes from its border to the north, and, it’s colder winter months. In addition, Canada and the United States remain each other’s largest trading partners. As a result, over 350 Canadian companies now have operations throughout Arizona.

The Wonders of Arizona

Arizona has so much to offer for all who visit. Across the state you will experience authentic local cuisine, superb wineries, local brew houses, world renowned museums and art galleries, world-class shopping and dining, superb golfing, historic ruins, western culture and awesome venues and attractions. You must also visit Arizona Boardwalk, North Scottsdale’s huge and exciting entertainment attraction which is fun for young and old alike, or the entire family. How about a trip to the Wildlife World Zoo & Aquarium one the Valleys major attractions. And when heading north, you must visit the Lowell Observatory (founded in 1894) and the wide open vistas at Arizona Snowbowl, both are a short distance from downtown Flagstaff. Another iconic venue is Meteor Crater where space collided with earth over 55,000 years ago, only a short 20 minute drive east of the city. In 2019, our very own Grand Canyon celebrated its 100th Anniversary with 6.25 million visitors enjoying this spectacular attraction. Unfortunately due to the global pandemic, only 2.9 million visitors were able to visit this attraction in 2020. The Grand Canyon is located about 86 miles north of Flagstaff. 

What Northern Arizona Can Offer

Northern Arizona offers so many activities from hiking, biking, fishing, hunting, skiing, ballooning, skydiving coupled with our spectacular desert and northern vistas to luxury resorts and a diverse cultural history. Whatever your pleasure, you can experience it in Arizona, while soaking up our warm and genuine hospitality. 

In closing, we hope you will enjoy your copy of WanderAZ magazine that ranks as Arizona’s premier travel & lifestyle publication. Every issue is designed to enhance your travel experience, which is why we dedicate 65% of every issue to fresh and meaningful traveler information that we hope will educate and inform. We also want you to utilize our interactive map that will better assist you in navigating the local landscape throughout Arizona. 

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Enjoy your stay and come back and visit with us again!

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