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Wildlife World Zoo


Arizona’s # 1 ZOO.

A local landmark for over 30 years is the West Valley’s Wildlife World Zoo, Aquarium & Safari Park. It has Arizona’s largest collection of exotic and endangered animals (6,000), 600 different species, tons of rides, a petting zoo (a favorite of young and old alike) and many daily shows. And this all comes with a million smiles. It is an expansive site, and the Zoo’s grounds are very well maintained. It has been a Valley favorite for both visitors and locals alike. It’s simply a fun place to take you or the whole family, and it’s very easy to spend an entire day walking around and visiting the many different attractions that are offered.

About The Zoo

The Zoo is quite different from many others, because you can really get up close and personal seeing so many of these simply beautiful animals, as you will experience if you take a train ride through Safari Park. The Zoo is packed with Lions, Tigers, Jaguars, Cheetah’s, Kangaroos, Rhino’s, Zebra’s, Bison, Giraffes (which you can feed) exotic birds and so much more.


Then there is the Aquarium where you can see over 75 indoor exhibits that feature river monsters, sharks, piranha, fish and sea lions, or enjoy what I call the petting pool for stingrays, a hands-in-the-water experience that everyone loves. 

The Dragon World

Or maybe you would enjoy Dragon World that showcases reptiles including a rare white alligator and a saltwater crocodile.

Mining Experience

The Zoo also has a new mining experience where you can experience a bit of the old west by panning for gold, gems and fossils. It also provides numerous eating venues throughout the park and a large restaurant and gift shop.

Visit and Contact Us Now!

Open 365 days of the year 9AM – 6PM. Call 623-935-9453 or go online at: wildlifeworld.com

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