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Would Arizona Benefit From An AeroMetro?

Imagine a 300 MPH TRANSIT SYSTEM running between Tucson and Las Vegas twice a day — stopping at AZ’s larger Municipal Airports along the way. An “AeroMetro” is different from conventional Airline “hub and spoke” flight operations.

Quick and Affordable Air Transit Service

Since the average distance between adjacent Arizona Cities is under 200 miles, or “short hops” in aviation parlance, a quick and affordable Air Transit Service is made possible by operating Regional 30-seat twin turboprop aircraft. An AZ AeroMetro could start with 3 DeHavilland DASH-8-200 Turboprops — a thrifty alternative to jets — often used to hop similar flight distances in Europe, Asia, and Australia.Linking Arizona Municipalities by air would help revitalize commerce and enable Business People, Professionals, Doctors, Lawyers, State Official to cover-more-of-Arizona in a day, and, it would Help Revive AZ Tourism — especially the (Pre-Covid) estimated $100M Annual Tourist Air Transport Market between Las Vegas and The Grand Canyon.

Faster And Easier Access

An AeroMetro would also allow International Grand Canyon Tourists faster and easier access to Tucson — saving them travel time and the cost of a car rental. An AeroMetro to/from Las Vegas would help grow indigenous AZ Businesses — like the Vineyards Restaurants of “Arizona’s Wine Country” in Sedona and Cottonwood along the Verde River.Retirees have yet to lose their fascination with Las Vegas & Laughlin — although many AZ Seniors loathe the 4+ hour road excursions — even on Luxury Buses. At Laughlin/Bullhead City and Lake Havasu, there is a culture of self-styled “River Rats” who delight in spending summer days Water & Jet Skiing, and attending Headliner Shows and Gambling. The speed of the DASH-8s would stretch weekends for River Rats and ordinary vacationers.

Convention Goers and Game Attendees

An AZ AeroMetro would be a boon to Convention Goers and Game Attendees — with flight to Scottsdale for Barrett-Jackson Events, as well as Glendale Airport for Cardinals Games in nearby State Farm Stadium. An AeroMetro would ease travel to Golfing Events all over AZ.Seats aboard this proposed AZ AeroMetro (ArizonaHop) would be booked a day ahead of travel with our APP. ArizonaHop would require Positive Security ID via bio-metric iris scans.Since ArizonaHop would be classifies as a Scheduled Charter Operation, Passengers would emplane/deplane at AZ Airports’ FBOs.

Investor Information Contact:
Henry Gellerman, henry.gellerman@gmail.com

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